Short film for children
10 minutes – 2009
Digital File
language Finnish subtitles English, M/E track available

Written by Oscar nominated writers Jenni Toivoniemi and Kirsikka Saari, a short fiction film GORILLA tells about a six-year-old girl ALLI who tries to get into her big sister’s lovely princess room; she wants to play with her sister and her friend. Alli is an energetic girl; head full of ideas. The big girls won’t play with Alli but instead call her a gorilla because she is so scruffy. But Alli won’t give up and does everything to get into the big girls’ game.

Gorilla is a funny and touching film about sisterhood and the roles of girls. It tells about how annoying it is to be left out because you’re too small or don’t fit. It also tells about how annoying it is when your sister won’t leave you alone. The film shows different ways of being a girl.

Some girls are little princesses, while some are little gorillas. The most important thing is that we are accepted just the way we are.

The film deals with universal questions: how to fit in, is your real me enough, are you the right type. Alli is a hero to all children, because she won’t give up. She remains who she really is, no matter how much she is ridiculed. The director HANNA BERGHOLM the most recent feature film is internationally recognised HATCHING (2022).

GORILLA was completed as a part of the national short films for children project entitled as SKIDISTI, which is an initiation of the Finnish Film Foundation, AVEK, Finnish Film Contact and YLE Co-productions.

producer OUTI ROUSU
production company PYSTYMETSÄ OY

please contact producer
Outi Rousu, outi@pystymetsa.fi
mob +358 40 5412922