VALO – we don’t give up!

Family film for children of 7-12 yrs old
35 mm cinemascope / digital

84 mins 2005
premieres in Norway and Sweden in 2006 – a Nordic co-production between Finland, Sweden (Giraff Films) and Norway (Speranza Film) – distributors FS Film (FIN), Sonet Film (SWE), ORO Film (NO) – broadcasters YLE TV 2 (FIN), NRK (NO)

VALO is an adventurous family film for children of 7-12 years. VALO is about the friendship between brave children who seek justice in a world which does not listen to them. The main characters are a 9-year-old Valo and his friend Ville (9) want to learn. They would gladly go to school if such a thing were allowed in their small village. Set in a small village in the early 1900’s, VALO is a story about smart and courageous children who take it upon themselves to get an education. They set up their own school in secret, gathering books, supplies, and whatever they can get their hands on. When their secret school is discovered, the children refuse to give up, vowing to learn at any cost. Their determinism is outstanding and their cunning and savvy overwhelm the numerous obstacles they face. This inspirational tale, based on a true story, may provide a cautionary tale for those who might forget that education is a right and that it should not be taken granted. The film is full of joy and energy of children.

VALO is a true story based on the childhood diaries (1907-1910) by an artist Aleksanteri Ahola-Valo, a Finnish-Ingrian who lived a vivid life in Russia, Finland and Sweden.

UNICEF is the official partner of the film:
“This film is a one comment of an important issue: children’s right to go to school. Education is a key to improve the quality of life and living standards of children.” (UNICEF)

please contact producer
Outi Rousu,
mob +358 40 5412922